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Southern Pines Growler Company is Moore County's first dedicated, single purpose growler fill station. Our primary focus is on craft beer and the growler experience. We emphasize the best craft beers from North Carolina's own brewery's , and, then a mix of highly rated national and international beers.

User tips for an optimal growler experience

Once capped, you're brew will last for up to a month, just like a mini keg. We add a layer of Co2 to purge the air from the growler as we pour your beer. When you open your growler, pour and recap it quickly to keep air out and preserve the Co2. Once opened, you will need to consume your beer in 48-72 hours.

Growler Cleaning & Care

  • When finished, just rinse out with hot water. Do not use soap.
  • Soap will leave a residue and interfere with your next pour.
  • If you have a foul smell or see junk in your growler, put a little vinegar or clorox with hot water, let it sit 15 min's and shake around to loosen it up, then hot rinse again.

Growler Facts

  • Growlers have been around for over 100 years, they started out as small buckets, carried by "growler boys" called "rushing the growler".
  • The Growler was still in use up until the 1960's in waxed cardboard throw-away containers that were filled with draft beer. The packaging was switched to plastic and then dropped altogether as packaged beer took over sales for take home.
  • Growlers promote recycling. According to the New York Times, growlers will be responsible for over 1 billion less bottles and cans going into landfills
  • The current basic "old brown jug" growler is credited to Otto Brothers brewery. In 1989, Charlie Otto bought a screen print machine and purchased moonshine style glass jugs and imprinted his brewery's logo on them for carryout sales to local residents.

Hours of Operation

Monday - 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday & Wednesday - 12 to 8pm
Thursday 12 to 9pm
Friday 12 to 10pm
Saturday - 10am to 10pm
Sunday - 12 to 8pm

Get Connected With Us

160 W. New York Avenue
Southern Pines, NC 28387