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beerclub 425slideAsk for a "Growler Beer Club" card to start earning your way to FREE Growler Swag! Just fill up multiple beer cards and trade them in for merchandise and more!

SPGC "Beer Club" Loyalty Program Rewards
1 CARD  2 SPGC Pint Glasses  -OR-
  Empty Glass 32oz Growler -OR-
  Pint Koozie
 2 CARDS  Empty 64oz. Glass Growler
3 CARDS Silipint
4 CARDS SPGC Short Sleeve T-Shirt
5 CARDS SPGC Long Sleeve T-shirt
6 CARDS Hat -OR-
  Hoodie T-Shirt -OR-
  2L Euro Glass Growler
7 CARDS SPGC Hoodie -OR-
  SPGC Zip-Up Hoodie -OR-
  SPGC 1/4 Zip-Up Hoodie -OR-
8 CARDS 32oz Session Drink Tank -OR-
  Drink Tank Keg Cap
10 CARDS 32oz. Drink Tank -OR-
  64oz. Session Drink Tank
12 CARDS 64 ozDrink Tank

Hours of Operation

Monday - 1pm - 8pm
Tuesday & Wednesday - 12 to 8pm
Thursday 12 to 9pm
Friday 12 to 10pm
Saturday - 10am to 10pm
Sunday - 12 to 8pm

Get Connected With Us

160 W. New York Avenue
Southern Pines, NC 28387